Get Involved

Gabh Com-pàirt

What story sums up the Spirit of the Highlands for you?

We are looking for stories from all parts of the Highlands to include in our Spirit:Autobiography, that will encourage people to explore further and find out more about this extraordinary area. 

Tell us your story in up to 350 words. Or upload a photograph or short audio/video file that tells the story for you.

It’s the brilliant thing about the Highlands – everywhere and everybody has a story to tell. Including you. Check out the film below for some ideas.

Who can contribute?

Anyone that knows and loves the Highlands.

Where will the stories go?

All eligible stories will become part of the Spirit:Autobiography and 100 of these stories will be selected to reflect the Spirit of the Highlands in the ambitious redevelopment of Inverness Castle. We want to make the stories available to everybody, so we’ll use them in different ways throughout the future; online, in print and through events and education projects.

When will this happen?

We aim to start publishing the first stories online during 2021.

Will my story be used?

We want to use as many as possible, but if some stories are repeated we’ll only use one version. You have to be happy for us to share your story publicly and, if required, to make some tweaks to your choice of words to keep the style of the stories consistent.

Can I submit more than one?

We know there are thousands of stories to tell about the area, so we’d be delighted if you want to submit more than one.

So go on, get started!