Spiorad: Fèin-eachdraidh

One of the aims of Spirit of the Highlands is to create an ‘Autobiography of the Highlands’, a digital archive built from a unique collection of stories all told by the people who live, work and visit here.  

The Spirit:Autobiography will provide an authentic insight into living in the Highlands today, as well as exploring the heritage that has helped to shape our unique region. It will include stories submitted by people from across the Highlands about the places they live, the places they work and play, and the cultures and events that shape their communities and themselves as individuals.  Stories behind the headlines of history; the stories that people tell one another at ceilidhs: the uncle who worked on the hydro schemes, the mother that created a community group, the nephew that kayaked the Great Glen in record time. These personal stories will provide a gateway into the contemporary life and broad history of the Highlands.

People across the Highlands are invited to submit stories of up to 350 words to the Spirit:Autobiography, where all eligible stories will have a permanent home in the digital archive. Some of these stories will be used to inspire local artists in a series of commissions in the Spirit:360 project, and others will be the foundation of the ‘Spirit of the Highlands in 100 Stories’ exhibition in Inverness Castle when it reopens.

The call for these stories is now live and the first phase will end in early 2021, so don’t miss your chance to shape the story told within the ambitious visitor attraction development at Inverness Castle by submitting your story to the Spirit:Autobiography using the link below.